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 Explose SM's

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PostSubject: Explose SM's   Sun Feb 18, 2007 12:24 pm

1.Mutiny -=- WINZ0R
---GG, we proved ourselves that we aren't no joke this time!!

2.ReachLess -=- WIN!!!!!!!!!!
---GG, this match was like Shaq taking on Earl Boykins......

---GG indeed, wow, 4 hours!!!!! Was only there for 30 min and I was BLOWN AWAY like Bobby Brown!!!!!! Wish I would have been there ALL GAME!!!!

4.Exalt -=- EZ WIN
---GG to all, was a rape from begining, they had no attack and they had little bit of a defense, but that's bec uase the kept flanking us.

Wanted -=- loss
---GG, but our first official dopie count loss. Keep your heads up, i don't want to lose another match again! Especially not to Wanted.

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Explose SM's
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